(Contains 133 photos)
LANDSCAPES - Ireland portfolio All images in this gallery represent moments of time within the Republic of Ireland
(Contains 14 photos)
LANDSCAPES (outside Ireland) portfolio These are Landscape images that are taken outside Republic of Ireland, while on my travels around the world
(Contains 22 photos)
Portraits portfolio Studio Portraits
(Contains 44 photos)
STREET ~ B&W portfolio Street Photography captures images usually featuring humans within public areas going about their daily lives. The craft of Street photography is capturing a moment in time using the environment around a subject in public places and trying to focus on the emotions of that time. Commonly street photography is process in Black & White to remove all distractions of colour to allow the viewer concentrate on the image and the storey contained within. I try to capture scenes using billboards and humans passing through, shadows. light & reflections.

I hope you enjoy these images.